Papers I think a lot about

Goldenberg, A., Abruzzo, J. M., Willer, R., Halperin, E., Gross, J. J. (under review). Homophily and Acrophily as Drivers of Political Segregation. OSF, Pre-print


Main finding: people prefer social ties that are more extreme, compared to more moderate than them (see B). 

Goldenberg, A., Weisz, E., Sweeny, T., Cikara, M., & Gross, J. (2021). The crowd emotion amplification effect. Psychological Science. OSF, Pre-print

Main finding: people tend to overestimate the intensity of crowds' emotions.

Goldenberg, A., Garcia, D., Halperin, E., & Gross, J.J. (2020). Collective emotions. Current Directions in Psychological Science. 29(2), 154-160. pre-print

Main idea: Thinking about emotions at the individual at the collective level (collective emotions) may reveal different patterns of behavior. 

Journal Publications († denotes trainee)

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Books and Book Chapters

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