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Git and OSF links

github: (especially check out our lab helper codes)         



Piloting emotional responses to pictures – Javscript code (jspsych) for piloting of emotional responses, including cool attention checks.

Categorization task – A javascript categorization task designed to examine categorization decisions based on responses to emotional stimuli. See project and paper.

Processing and Analysis (social media, neuro and other)  

Sentiment Analysis – Various ways to extract emotions from text using Vader and SentiStrength (python).

Python scripts for interaction with Twitter API (mostly created by Jonas Schoene).

Image processing (mostly created by Jonas Schoene).

Gnip Historical powerTrackAPI python – This code is helpful if you are trying to download historical data from Twitter using GNIP (adapted to python 3.5).


Agent-Based Model of Collective Emotion – Simple agent-based model of emotional interaction based on the library ComplexNetworkSim (python 2.7). 

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