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I am an assistant professor at Harvard Business School, an affiliate with Harvard’s Department of Psychology,  and a member of the Digital Data and Design Institute (D^3). My research focuses on what makes people emotional in social and group contexts, and how such emotions can be changed when they are unhelpful or undesired. I am particularly interested in how technology is used to both emotion detection and regulation. 

In my work I try to integrate between experimental psychology that examines behavior at the individual level, and research inspired by complex systems, in which I focus on the psychology of collectives.  To integrate these domains, I employ a multi-method approach that combines behavioral experiments, analysis of data from digital media, and computational modeling.

I received my PhD in psychology from Stanford University. Before that, I worked as a journalist and a writer. In 2016, my first novel  ‘A City Forsaken’ (עיר הנידחת) was published in Israel (Keter Publishing House).


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